Dean Vollendorf, Architect

Dean Bryant Vollendorf - 1929 - 2008



University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Academic Appointments:

1960 - 1963 - Professor of Architecture, College of Architecture, University of                               Florida, Gainesville, Florida

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 

Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina 

University of North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina

Lectured in Naples, Rome, and Prague

1996 - Retrospective of his work, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, North               Carolina

1996 - Exhibitor and Lecturer when he lived at “Suntop,” Taliesin West,                             Scottsdale, Arizona



Edgar A. Stubenraush and Associates, Wisconsin

John Randal McDonald, Gainesville, Florida


Military Service:

Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska



Vollendorf believed that Frank Lloyd Wright, Mie van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were the three icons of architecture.



1956 - Pierson Prize for Outstanding Thesis, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,             Ohio

Vollendorf's curving “Bayweep” design was New Home Guides' best selling plan in the magazine’s history


Notable Works:

1960 - Shores Animal Hospital, NW 13th Street, Gainesville, Florida, 

1962 - Bejano Residence, West Hills Neighborhood, Gainesville, Florida                         

1965 - Vollendorf Residence, Norman, Oklahoma


A body of his work is housed at Oklahoma History Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dean Vollendorf, Architect

1960 - Shores Animal Hospital,

now demolished,

NW 13th Street,

Gainesville, Florida

1960 - Plans for Shores Animal Hospital,

now demolished

NW 13th Street,

Gainesville, Florida

1962 - Bejano Residence, 

West Hills Neighborhood,

Gainesville, Florida

1962 - Bejano Residence,

Summer/Fall Addition of Home Design 

1965 - Vollendorf Residence,

Norman, Oklahoma

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